About us

MaxMarks educational contents and software are developed by a team of educational experts and professionals who have more than two decades of experience in the K12 educational system. Our aim is to provide high quality offline contents for every student in India at an affordable cost..

The best K12 contents at the least price

MaxMarks teaching and learning solutions are developed for CBSE syllabus. The range of products starts from Class 1 to 12th Standard/Grade level. Our software products scientifically explain every chapter and topic in the text book using the most advanced technological methods like animated visuals, scientific notes, verbal explanation and other tools. This gives a very clear concept about the topic and thus a strong foundation. Questions of various difficulty levels, answers, solutions, scientifically prepared notes, trial and error methods, graphs etc are some of the features. ..

Unique learning system

MaxMarks is proud in contributing substantially towards this great goal . Our vision is to standardize the school level teaching and learning system across the globe by providing innovative, scientific and technological methods. Our dream is to become the world leader in equipping schools with unmatched technological teaching systems and in equipping every study room with unmatched learning methods..

We believe that technology enabled learning systems can give every student a very strong foundation in Languages, Science, Mathematics and other subjects from the young ages. MaxMarks digital electronic interactive smart class solutions are the best, most economical and most content rich ones, in its class, available in the market..